Cultures of Belonging

Building Inclusive Organizations That Last

Learn to create the conditions for everyone to thrive at work through clear, actionable steps for you to build new diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) into your organization. By infusing equitable and inclusive values, experiences, and perspectives into your organizational culture, give your employees what they need to be their best selves and do their best work.

So much of the conversation around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is about the problems; with Cultures of Belonging, Alida Miranda- Wolff brings together engaging personal anecdotes and spot-on advice on how to make realistic – and yet, still radical – changes that get at the heart of practical solutions. A must-read if you are looking for the ultimate playbook to accelerate -qDEIB at work.
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Dr. Randal Pinkett
Chairman and CEO, BCT Partners
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Bypass the processes and communication styles that make change impossible in so many other organizations; access these practical tools and ideas for increasing DEIB in your organization.

Filled with actionable advice Alida Miranda-Wolff learned through her own experiences both in organizations that didn’t invest in inclusion and as an expert consultant to 100+ companies in the years following, this roadmap helps Leaders:

  • Learn why creating an environment where everyone feels belonging is the new barometer for employee engagement.
  • Develop an understanding of the key terms around DEIB and why they matter.
  • Assess where your organization is today.
  • Define and take the small steps that build new muscle memory around DEIB into your organizational culture.
  • Increase employee engagement, collaboration, innovation, communication, and sense of belonging.
  • Build confidence in how to solve future DEIB-related challenges.
  • Get buy-in from colleagues (and even resisters) who can clearly see how to move forward and why.

Overcome any limiting work environment and build all new processes and communication priorities that allow your employees to be a part of something greater than themselves while your organization learns to value and embrace the unique experiences and perspective that each employee brings.

Praise for Cultures of Belonging

Human connection and community are basic human needs. Unfortunately, our organizations don't always invest in meeting these needs for underrepresented groups. With Cultures of Belonging, Alida Miranda-Wolff unlocks how we can do better for everyone to create deeper and better relationships at work.
david siegel headshot
David Siegel
CEO of Meetup
Cultures of Belonging is a comprehensive and compassionate guide to creating meaningful change within organizations. Whether you are a leader who isn't sure where to start or a practitioner looking to expand your impact, this book will help you take a tangible next step towards a more inclusive future.
taylor elyse morrison headshot
Taylor Elyse Morrison
Founder of Inner Workout and the host of the Be School Podcast
In Cultures of Belonging, Alida Miranda-Wolff breaks open how to take these values and beliefs around belonging so many of us have and turn them into regular, repeatable, and automatic behaviors. A must-read for anyone trying to change their organization for the better. Valuable and thoughtful!
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Andrew Gelwicks
Author of The Queer Advantage
The Poetry Foundation has been forever changed by following the prescriptions laid out in 'Cultures of Belonging'. It is a highly thoughtful and informative guide for assessment, planning and action to achieve DEIB goals at every level."
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Michelle Boone
President, The Poetry Foundation
Miranda-Wolff’s generous, thoughtful book conveys the urgency of meeting people where they are if we want to create meaningful change. She offers a realistic roadmap for workplaces to shift toward a true culture of belonging, while holding space for the ways in which the journey may not always be a straightforward one. The nuanced approaches, concrete action steps, and clarifying examples she shares make Cultures of Belonging a truly invaluable guide for a broad range of organizations.
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Emily Ladau
Activist and author of Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally
Fostering true belonging isn’t optional any more. It’s the work all modern leaders must take on. Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations That Last is an indispensable guide written by a true expert in the field. It is the rare book that is profound and practical, thoughtful and actionable. If you want to go beyond talk and make meaningful change in your organization, this book is required reading.
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Michael Winnick
Founder & CEO of dscout

Meet Alida Miranda-Wolff

Alida Miranda-Wolff is the CEO and Founder of Ethos, a full-service diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) transformation firm closing the opportunity gap underrepresented and underserved groups in companies through Consulting, Training, and Programs.

Before Ethos, Alida headed up investors, partners, brand, and portfolio company growth at Hyde Park Angels. When she joined the company, she was the first woman ever hired full-time, the youngest person in a director role nationally by 10 years, and just one of 27 Latina women in venture capital.

Alida is also the Founder and Executive Director of Embolden & Co., a Chicago-based membership organization that nurtures a community of women committed to helping one another realize their highest visions of themselves personally and professionally through giving and gathering.

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Miranda-Wolff provides a valuable framework on how organizations can seriously approach diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. For leaders who believe that the strength of any business is driven by diversity and are willing to do the tough but necessary work, this book walks them through the steps needed to drive real progress.
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Dan Futrell
CEO of the Pat Tillman Foundation
Now more than ever, leaders need to make 'belonging' central to their organization, but they need help and guidance on that journey. Cultures of Belonging is the blueprint and the roadmap to making change possible.
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Colleen D. Egan
President & CEO of the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition
HR and People Operations practitioners have been waiting for step-by-step support in building effective DEI programs in their organizations and this guide is relevant, actionable, and oh so needed. We are in an incredible, changing period of workplace history where employees are gaining the courage to ask for what they need and deserve, and companies must be prepared to meet those needs with conviction. Alida, with her extraordinary compassion and drive for justice and the work of diversity, equity and inclusion, has written a masterful piece combining not only experience, but heart. This book and its examples are personal, relatable and leave the reader knowing how they can get started and more importantly, how to sustain doing this important work. The time for Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations that Last, is now.
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Tiffany Voltz
Founder, Wellness from Within Coaching
In her debut book, Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations that Last, Alida Miranda-Wolff gives the reader the gift of practical, hands-on tools to help inform us of what it takes to build a sustainable culture of inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Drawing on the varied and rich experiences earned through a decade of work with her clients, this book offers clear and actionable steps, designed to infuse the essence of what it takes to weave a true sense of “belonging” into the very fabric of worklife. Miranda-Wolffe uses her powerful R2P2 Assessment Model (recruiting, retention, promotion, and protection) as the framework for her inclusion theory. In so doing, she shines a bright light on what employees need to feel seen and accepted, in order to bring their best selves to their work – no matter the sector, region, or industry. Cultures of Belonging centers the employee experience in the DEIB conversation and reminds us that while intention is important…it’s the impact of workplace culture on workers that organizations need to understand, accept, and ultimately address.
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Sukari Pinnock
Program Director Georgetown Executive Certificate in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Management
I highly recommend this book! It's unique in that it delves deep into specific organizational areas (i.e. recruiting, onboarding, retention, promotion, and protection) where there are opportunities to build belonging. The incorporation of case studies not only makes the concepts accessible but they also help the reader identify and anticipate how to navigate roadblocks along the way. A great read for organizations who want to learn what a culture of belonging is, how to strategize, and how to bring all of the concepts to life.
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LaTonya Wilkins
Best Selling Author of Leading Below the Surface, Credentialed Executive + Team Coach, Founder + CEO of The Change Coaches

Media Bio

Alida Miranda-Wolff is the CEO and Founder of Ethos and author of the book Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations that Last. Alida received her certification in diversity, equity, and inclusion from Georgetown University and has eight years of practitioner experience. In 2021, Alida was a recipient of the University of Chicago’s Early Career Achievement Award.

By helping organizations and the people inside of them understand their relationships with power, how to use their power responsibly, and how to share their power, she helps create the conditions for everyone to thrive at work.