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Care Work Podcast with Alida Miranda-Wolff

Who is in the business of providing tender love and care? What does it mean to get paid to nurture strangers? And, what kind of support do these people need?

In Care Work, author and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging practitioner, Alida Miranda-Wolff, seeks answers to all of these questions with care workers of all kinds through discussions of their lived experiences. Learn how to create a culture of care in your communities and have your own care needs met through episodes that balance real-life stories with actionable takeaways.

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Latest Episodes

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Episode 1: Micky ScottBey Jones

Micky ScottBey Jones, the Justice Doula, is a multi-faith chaplain, Enneagram coach, compassionate facilitator, nonviolence practitioner, and author who has dedicated her life to accompanying others in their time of need. Micky joins to talk about what it means to be a witness and companion to others in the hardest moments of their lives.

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Care Work Podcast with Emily Ladau

Episode 2: Emily Ladau

Celebrated disability rights advocate, speaker, and author of Demystifying Disability Emily Ladau joins the podcast to delve into the relationship between educating others and engaging in care work. Throughout our conversation, Emily offers tools, processes, and practices for having awkward conversations, supporting the disability community, and tending to our own needs.

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Episode 3: Yael Shy

Yael Shy’s purpose in life is to help others uncover their inherent worth and capacity for deep joy. Yael wrote the award-winning What Now? Meditation for Your Twenties and Beyond and teaches mindfulness and meditation at New York University. Together, we discuss how mindfulness and meditation can help us understand ourselves and the world.

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Episode 4: Darrell Jones

Darrell Jones is a minister, spiritual guide, and mindfulness coach who brings twenty years of personal practice to his care work. In his new book, Soul Gym, Darrell explores how to link the mind, body, and spirit to nurture the soul. Darrell joins to share more about how to achieve a holistic soul experience.

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Care Work Podcast with Alida Miranda-Wolff artwork. Alida Miranda-Wolff and Erica Hornthal's headshots appear prominently side-by-side.

Episode 5: Erica Hornthal

Known as “the therapist who moves you,” dance therapist and bestselling author Erica Hornthal has spent her career helping people heal through their bodies. She joins to talk about how to practice non-judgment, why exercise isn’t the only form of healthy movement, and how to address trauma through a body-aware lens.

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Care Work Podcast with Alida Miranda-Wolff artwork. Alida Miranda-Wolff and Erica Courdae's headshots appear prominently side-by-side.

Episode 6: Erica Courdae

Erica Courdae is a certified coach, beauty industry veteran, and DEI practitioner who in 2018 co-founded Pause on the Play, an award-winning podcast and community for imperfect allies. In our conversation, Erica shares the parallels between hairdressing and DEI, how care work and energy work are directly connected, and the power of setting boundaries.

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Taylor Elyse Morrison Episode 7

Episode 7: Taylor Elyse Morrison

Self-care expert Taylor Elyse Morrison is a serial entrepreneur, most notably running Gateway Coaching, Inner Workout, the Inner Warmup podcast, and The Process Report. She has engaged in several partnerships, including a recent collaboration with on the Tune In collection. Her forthcoming book, Inner Workout, breaks down her method for listening within and responding in the most loving way possible.

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